What We’re About

When you want it done right the first time…

Yeureka is a great idea!

We apply over 50 years of remodeling experience with contemporary flair in a personal way: with people. Our team is filled with personalities and people who are excited about home remodeling and about their role at Yeureka. And there is a lot to be excited about: beautiful customizations, energy efficiency, and incredible technology. When our passion for home remodeling meets our customers’ vision for home and family, the best things happen. We focus on how our solutions will benefit your home and family. Protecting our loved ones from the elements and outside world is too important, and the overcomplications of our industry are unnecessary. We are happy to explore details with you if you’d like, otherwise we use our expertise to provide our customers with a clear and unparalleled experience.

We are Here to Improve Home Improvement!

The vast majority of the remodeling industry is full of small businesses with a contractor-owner running the show.

Though this contractor may be highly skilled, he cannot do what he does best because he also wears many other hats like project manager, estimator, installer, marketer, salesman, accountant, customer service representative, and more. We think of this like distracted driving. Would you rather be in the car with a driver that is 100% focused on the road, or would you rather be in a car with a driver that is also reading a map, texting, changing the radio station, and drinking coffee? The answer is simple, right? This is why everyone at Yeureka is specialized in their own role, and responsible for doing what they do best.

Expect Great Things!

Don’t settle for less, we’ve got you covered. You won’t see us spending too much on advertising. Instead we choose to pay top dollar to attract the best installers in the industry. Also, we take the time to carefully select your products so when we sit with you in your home, we can look you in the eyes and say with 100% confidence that we can substantially increase your home energy performance with products that are maintenance free, easy to clean, and ridiculously affordable with option to finance.

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