Entry Doors

Smooth & Textured Steel Entry Doors

All Yeureka steel entry doors have the following security enhancements:

  • check20 gauge thick steel skin available in smooth and textured wood grain finish.
  • checkRolled steel door edges with a vinyl thermal break along the full length of the door, to prevent heat transfer.
  • checkRot resistant composite top and bottom rails.
  • checkInjected polyurethane foam insulation fills every nook and cranny inside the door for optimal insulation and energy efficiency.
  • checkThe 19” wood lock block with 14 gauge steel reinforcement U-Channel helps prevent break-in attempts at the lock location.

Aspen Fiberglass Collection

The Aspen collection boasts elegance, energy efficiency and enhanced security, an unprecedented combination for fiberglass doors. With authentic wood grain finishes – mahogany, cherry, and oak – and six rich stain colors it is hard to bypass their beauty.

Security has always been at the top of our must have list when designing and building fiberglass entry doors. Our Aspen Collection has a full length lock side stile. It is 4” finger jointed dimensional lumber with a solid oak edge that has a 7 gauge steel plate embedded the entire length (patent pending). This adds increased security and stability to your Yeureka fiberglass entry door.

This combined with the ArmorMax Jamb™ System, for pre-hung doors, makes the Aspen Collection burglar resistant. No other fiberglass door on the market can meet the security level of our Aspen Collection!

The composite interior rails deter rotting, injected with polyurethane foam insulation fills every nook and cranny inside the door providing optimal insulation.

Regency Fiberglass Collection

The Yeureka Regency collection provides authentic wood grain texture in three wood grain options – cherry, oak, and mahogany- without the maintenance of wood.

With engineered wood stiles and rot resistant composite rails, our Fiberglass Doors are designed to deter rotting. As with all Yeureka doors, the polyurethane foam insulation fills every nook and cranny inside the door giving it optimal insulation. For added security the ArmorMax™ jamb is provides added strength for pre-hung doors.

Contemporary Fiberglass Doors

Yeureka Contemporary Doors deliver clean lines, uncluttered looks and distinctive styles, all with the quality and craftsmanship you expect from us. Available in cherry grain fiberglass, these doors can be made to Regency or Aspen Fiberglass Collection specs.

8 ft Fiberglass Doors

Made in cherry grain fiberglass, these stunning 8 ft tall doors are made to Aspen Fiberglass Collection specs. Our 8 ft doors are the only ones in the industry that have the full length lock side stile contain an embedded 7 gauge steel reinforcement plate to help keep these 8 ft doors structurally stable. Additionally, these doors are equipped with a three point lock system, and four hinges make for a secure and square fit.

Craftsman & Artisan Fiberglass Doors

Create a timeless arts and crafts look. Inspired by the simple design and handcrafted details of Craftsman and Prairie home styling. Yeureka Craftsman & Artisan Fiberglass doors reflect the prized beauty and timeless appeal of fine craftsman architecture and furniture, these doors capture the essence of quality and beauty for a more premium entryway.

Modern Moda Doors

Our Modern Doors are contemporary with a retro influence. The featured flush aluminum glass trim gives a sleek look to the overall design. The simple yet sophisticated styles reflect your fashion sense – clean lines, crisp look, contemporary living – just what you were looking for.

Our state-of-the-art glass trim offers low maintenance and durability. Full sun exposure? No problem. Behind a storm door? No problem…Made of extruded aluminum, the glass trim will never warp, split or shrink. And, no more unsightly screw plugs. The continuous screw cover runs the entire interior face of the trim. Painted to match the door our flush trim gives the appearance of a trim free door.

Internal Mini Blind Doors

Doorglass Enclosed Blinds (door blinds that are sealed between glass panels) stay clean and free of damage from kids, pets, and anything else that might come into contact with your door glass. No dusting, no tangled or dangling cords, no crimping or denting. Door blinds are ideal for French doors, patio doors, and other exterior entry doors.

Close them for complete privacy or open them up to connect with the outdoors—and anything in between. The levels of light and privacy are yours to control with fingertip operation. Because they’re protected between glass, Enclosed Blinds retain their ‘like new’ look over time and with repeated use.

Multipoint Lock Doors

Home is our safe shelter. It is a place where we find comfort. It protects our possessions, but more importantly it protects you and your family. Unfortunately, many homes are not as safe as they could be. Every 14 seconds a home is burglarized. In more than 50 percent of all residential burglaries, entry is gained through a door. High quality locks and key control are your first line of defense against a break-in.

Vinyl Patio Doors

Each Vinyl Patio Door is beautifully detailed to achieve a distinctive look while providing a powerful shield against inclement weather and energy loss.

Precision-built with premium vinyl construction, ultra-efficient insulating components and high-performance glass, Yeureka’s vinyl patio doors deliver all the “must-haves” in the ideal patio door. The heavy-duty mainframe and sash, multi-chambered extrusions and steel-reinforced interlocking meeting rails ensure superior structural integrity and durability, as well as increased insulation. The ultra-premium construction delivers a markedly smooth, easy-touch glide – along with easy field installation. This superbly built door will infuse your home with the warmth and beauty of natural sunlight, while protecting it from harsh weather elements.

Swinging French Doors

Yeureka’s swinging french door is a modern classic. Unmatched in fit and finish, these doors combine traditional design and expert craftsmanship with endless design combinations that will complement any space. Choose from Inswing or Outswing doors in a variety of styles.

Swinging French Sidelights

French Sidelights work just like our double doors, another innovative option offered by Yeureka. Hinged on opposite sides of the jamb, French sidelights allow for the sidelight and door to be opened simultaneously, providing a wider opening. Enjoy the beauty of a classic door and sidelight with the practical space to move household appliances and furniture through.

Arch Top Entry Door

Arch top doors are one of the most unique types of doors you will find, making your interior and exterior pop with elegance.

The ArmorMax Jamb™ System

The ArmorMax Jamb™ System builds security into a pre-hung door with an 18 gauge steel “L” frame embedded in the jamb. The steel “L” frame shores up the jamb giving it the security that homeowners desire. This frame is constructed of 18 gauge galvanized steel with 10 gauge plates located on the lock and hinge sides for extra reinforcement to help keep intruders out.


Yeureka’s featured UltraFrame design ensures the strongest and most secure door structure for your home’s safety. Hidden 14 gauge reinforcements embedded along the jamb is designed for those homeowners who want the elegant look of a beautiful entryway with the added security of a reinforced frame. The patented Ultraframe™ adds security in three key points: the deadbolt, knob, and hinges. The reinforcing steel is hidden away inside and behind the door jamb to ensure a seamless and elegant look. Unlike our competitors, the reinforcement is not a flat piece of steel but an “L” shape which provides three-dimensional strength.