Window Care

How to Love Your Windows

Your lovely new Marvelite windows are designed to not need a whole lot of attention. But who doesn’t need a little love now and then? We strongly advise against hugging your windows, but here are some safe ways to give them a little TLC:

  • clean the glass, with glass cleaner (the profundity!);
  • clean the virgin-vinyl with non-abrasive cleaners, soaps and waters;
  • we already painted them, so don’t paint them! unless you already did, in which case…oh…they look…goooood;
  • no lubrication needed–everything that moves will keep moving on its own. If it doesn’t, look out your window and possible see the apocalypse.

If you have more questions, here are some guides to operating your new ‘dows.

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Fact: taping your child's artwork to your windows makes them priceless.