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Are you looking to replace your windows, or maybe even upgrade and install new windows? If you live in the Greater Philadelphia area, call Yeureka! At Yeureka, we help homeowners decide on the right window and make window installation and replacement an easy and efficient process.

From the initial knock on your door, to the handshake after a completed project, our priority is to provide quality replacement windows and window installation services.

If you need new windows in the Greater Philadelphia area, call Yeureka today at 833-938-7352 or contact us online!

What Are the Benefits of Replacement Windows & Window Installation?

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Better safety and security
  • Added home value
  • Increased in-home comfort

When Should I Replace My Windows?

  • Increased energy bills. If your windows aren’t operating efficiently, your home’s heating and cooling systems may be working overtime. Installing new windows is a great way to increase your home’s efficiency and fight high energy costs.
  • Mold growth around window. If mold is growing in your windowsills, it’s probably time for a new set of windows. Our experts will install your windows so they’re tight, preventing the spread and moisture and mold.
  • Window damage. Of course, you’d want to replace your windows if they’re broken or damaged! Our windows protect our homes from the outdoor elements, so replacing them when damaged is a must!

Are you experiencing any of the situations mentioned above? Call Yeureka for home window installation and replacement services in the Greater Philadelphia area! Dial 833-938-7352 or contact us online!

Why Choose Yeureka for Replacement Windows & Window Installation?

At Yeureka, we put our customers first. We help our customers select the best replacement windows available while working with the best installers in the industry. Our products are maintenance-free and easy to clean.

Call Yeureka at 833-938-7352 or contact us online for quality window services!

Marvelite Windows in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Yeureka’s Marvelite windows feature a thermally optimized narrowline frame and sash with a dual-pane insulated glass solution designed to meet stringent ENERGY STAR® requirements. The elegant narrowline construction ensures maximum daylight visibility while advanced technological reinforcements deliver dependable strength while minimizing energy transfer.

You’ll sleep well knowing that Marvelite’s enhanced forced-entry hardware and modernized screen and bulb design provide greater protection against insect and other undesirable intrusions.

Strong, durable, and weathertight, with the custom beauty you’ve come to expect from Yeureka, the Marvelite window is in a class by itself—an affordable window with performance power above and beyond the rest.

Dial 833-938-7352 to reach Yeureka today! You can also contact our home improvement company online for a free consultation.

Replacement window in Bensalem, PA

Features & Benefits of the Marvelite Window

  • Comfort-Lock Ultra-High Efficiency Low-E glass package keeps your air conditioner running less in the summer and your furnace running less in the winter. There is no other glass package can provide the benefits of Comfort-Lock Ultra-High Efficiency Low-E technology.
  • DiamondGlaze high strength sound dampening glass is stronger and more durable than ordinary glass.
  • ThermShield Ultra Durable Spacer System provides the insulating capabilities of foam spacers and the durability and Argon retention of stainless steel, making it unmatched in terms of reducing heat transfer.

Replace or Buy New Windows in Bensalem, Croydon & Levittown

Due to the ample benefits and durability of the Marvelite window, it can be used to replace your home’s current windows, or installed as brand new windows on a home that’s under construction. Regardless of your situation, the energy efficiency and sleek design means the Marvelite window is great for either situation.

Yeureka’s Marvelite window is available in a variety of styles, including:

  • Awning windows
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Casement windows
  • Double hung windows
  • Garden windows
  • Special space windows
  • And more

Are you tired of going online and searching for the “best windows?” Contact Yeureka today to learn more about the Marvelite window, or call 833-938-7352 to speak to our replacement window specialists.

Window Styles

Awning Window

Bay Window

Bow Window

Casement Window

Double Hung Window

Garden Window

Hopper Window

Sliding Window

Picture Window

Special Shape Window

Grid Options

Colonial White

Colonial Almond

Contour White

Contour Almond



Single Prairie

Double Prairie

Color Options

Interior Finishes

Exterior Finishes

New Energy Star 2019 Requirements

Yeureka windows and patios meet or exceed Energy Star performance requirements for 2019 in all four U.S. Climate Zones.

When the new criteria for ENERGY STAR Version 6.0 for residential windows, doors and skylights took effect on January 1, 2015 – the Northern Climate Zone of the U.S. was given an additional year before the increased performance requirements were implemented.

Windows and patio doors that meet stringent Energy Star requirements can help pay dividends on a daily basis. Heat loss and gain through windows and doors account for up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling needs. Energy Star qualified products help homes maintain a more balanced and comfortable indoor climate while conserving energy costs and reducing fossil fuel consumption. It’s good for consumers and good for the environment.

View Full Energy Star Requirements

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